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Construction project management software
built for owners

Your tools should simplify your process, not over-complicate it

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If you’re paying for the project, you should have an easy-to-use tool to manage it.

Collaborative all-in-one platform built to streamline construction project management


Collaborate on drawings and PDFs with your entire team


Manage bids for projects with enforced deadlines, countdown timers, and video conferencing


Daily reports, finances and cost control, Gantt scheduling, action items, etc.

Productivity, efficiency, and cycle time reduction

A Project Management Information Solution (PMIF) built to make your life easier, give you peace of mind, and save you time and capital

Innovative, intuitive technology

ConsLog uses state-of-the-art software and design principles to ensure its daily use is enjoyable, intuitive, and high-impact. We make it a priority to give our clients the best software possible for their various needs.

Complete Capital Project Management Software (CPMS) Customized To Your Needs

We tailor our tool to your processes, instead of you having to tailor your processes to us

Finances & Cost Control

Create, share, and export Pay Requests, Change Orders, Schedules of Value, etc., for the owner and the architect

Gantt Scheduling

Keep track of every task and activity. Update progress with photos, reports, and action items. Click bars to view photo updates

Bidding System

Manage bids for your projects with an intutive interface, live countdowns, enforced deadlines, etc.

Daily Reports

Contractors can create reports on the web or with our mobile app in the field. If they use external tools, our integrations automatically import them

Action Items

Create Submittals, RFIs, etc. and communicate with defined groups of people in a live chat environment. Add external users by email or by phone

Export Data

Easily export any data to PDF or excel. For complete projects, export a final zipped project file that includes all data and documents conveniently organized









What users are saying

"The software works well and ConsLog customer service is beyond compare. With any question or issue, they are on board to help address my questions or obstacles. They are very patient with operator errors. I'm looking forward to continuing our development of projects, and their construction using ConsLog. The ConsLog team is constantly innovating for customer ease of use and utility and its has been a great match so far!"
Ben Gilbert
VP Construction and Property Management First Bristol Corp
"ConsLog is a great tool that makes your construction management activity much easier and more productive. With it you don’t even need to go to the job sites, all information is exchanged with contractors online. ConsLog was a great help when my team had to manage more than 1000 construction projects in different parts of the country."
Elisabete Freitas
Construction, Design and Real Estate Director Wal-Mart Brazil

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