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Case Study – Walmart

Before ConsLog The construction team in Walmart had difficulty managing many projects throughout the country with their manual processes. They managed their projects with paper, emails, and excel. They even had to contract a third party company to help them … Read More

Case Study – CPFL Services

Before ConsLog CPFL is the largest energy and electricity company of Brazil. The construction team would fill in all of their reports as physical paper forms while on job sites. These documents were stored internally by them. It was a … Read More

Case Study – Utah Valley University

Before ConsLog The construction team managed their projects with outdated tools such as excel, emails, and manual paperwork. The university’s forms that required multiple approvals were being done through Adobe Sign or plain paper and they couldn’t track what step … Read More

Crafting a Legacy: Pioneering the Sustainable Future of Construction

As the world awakens to the melodies of nature, there’s a pressing call to leave softer footprints on our shared Earth. At the forefront of this transformative journey is our very own construction industry. Here, sustainability isn’t just another term—it’s … Read More

Keeping General Contractors and Consultants Accountable in Construction Projects

Managing a construction project is a multifaceted undertaking that relies on seamless collaboration between various stakeholders, including owners, general contractors (GCs), and consultant engineers or architects. The cornerstone of project success is the accountability upheld by each party involved. In … Read More